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Picking Out a New Mattress

So often I’m asked “What’s the best mattress to get?”, “How do I know what’s right for me?”, and “Why is there such a big price difference between mattresses?” This is what I tell my patients.
Mar 8th, 2018

The Autonomic Nervous System

Have you ever though about what runs your body? Of course, it’s your central nervous system. Your brain and spinal cord control the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body.
Nov 10th, 2016

Subluxations Affect Bones

When X-rays are taken as part of your chiropractic examination, we are looking at the alignment of the bones as well as the health of the bones.
Nov 10th, 2016

Childrens Ear Infection

Who would you rather take your child to for an ear infection, a Pediatrician or a Chiropractor? The facts may surprise you!
Nov 10th, 2016

Chiropractic and Your Immune System

Many studies have been done linking chiropractic care, a healthy nervous system and proper immune system function. Many attempts to control germs through the use of drugs (antibiotics) have not only failed in their application, but instead
Nov 10th, 2016

Chiropractic and Back Pain

Considering what you know about chiropractic, how many times do you think back pain would be found in the index? How about neck pain or headaches?
Nov 10th, 2016

Blood Pressure, Subluxations, & Chiropractic

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of arteries. Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers-the systolic pressure is recorded as the heart beats, and the diastolic pressure is when the heart relaxes between beats.
Nov 10th, 2016

Common Causes of Subluxation in Children

In a study conducted by the National Safety Council, 47.5% of the infants were discovered to have fallen head first from a high place during their first year of life.
Nov 10th, 2016


A study by the department of Pediatrics at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Hiroo General Hospital was performed to examine the relationship between DPT and BCG vaccinations and development of diseases in 143 children.
Nov 10th, 2016

Vaccination Side Effects

The peak incidence of SIDS occurs between the ages of 2 and 4 months in the US; precisely when the first two routine immunizations are given.
Nov 10th, 2016
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