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Good morning everyone out there in the forum world, this is Dr. Roberto De Sena with Mid Atlantic Chiropractic.

I wanted to begin today by telling you guys a brief story about something that personally has been going on with me. A little bit under two weeks ago, I was lifting furniture in my backyard like a lot of us do, and I ended up having an injury to my lower back, severe injury where I herniated one of the discs in my lower back. Now, this causes severe pain, pain into the legs, numbness into the legs and inability to stand up, and loss of strength.

So with that, you know, I was under great care here with the doctors you know, due to the fact that we did a few things prior to me having this injury which is the same process that you guys go through- consultation, examination, and of course the x-rays. Without that, you know there’s absolutely no way I would have been able to stand where I am today. There’s still some loss in function, but I’m definitely well on my way. Some of you guys may have seen me walking around in crutches even last week. Those are gone; those are back to their rightful owner, which is not me.

But I wanted to talk to you guys about something you know. Let’s say that Roberto De Sena myself was not a chiropractor, didn’t know what chiropractic is and with the current climate as it is today, today’s March 27th and I know you guys know what I’m talking about at home, current climate how it is within the hospitals. You know where would someone like me, in that situation with that pain, with that loss of function, without being able to stand up or do anything for myself, where would someone like me have ended up in that situation without chiropractic? And the reason I want to relate that to what’s going on in today’s environment is you know -number one, we want to be able to do our part and helping other health care workers by reducing the strain on the hospitals. It’s probably not the best place for you guys to be right now when it comes to musculoskeletal issues. So that being said, if you know anyone you know suffering from severe low back pain, neck pain, musculoskeletal issues and going to the hospital is either something they do not want to do right now or should not be doing due to their own personal health needs, we are here for them. We do the consultation, examination, and x-rays to make sure we’re delivering the BEST care possible. We’ll see you guys in the office.

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