Effective Sitting Posture Techniques to Get Rid of Stringent Backache

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Sitting Posture Techniques(Right vs Wrong)
Working From Home? Check out Effective Sitting Posture Techniques to Get Rid of Stringent Backache

Welcome back to video number 2 of videos that are ‘Just for Jenni’. If you’re not Jenni, you can still watch, but really this isn’t for you, this is for Jenni. The reason it’s for Jenni is that she’s the one who requested these.

She said, listen, we’ve been working at home because of this pandemic. This virus is infecting everybody and we can’t leave our homes. We have to stay home and some of us have good work environments.

So, this is for you, Jenni. Hope you enjoy it, and hopefully, everybody else will benefit from it as well. Now, you guys have all heard the saying, ‘Do what I say don’t do what I do.’ What I’m doing now, don’t do this. This is not a good work environment. This is my laptop, look at where my eyes are, look at my computer screen, it is absolutely wrong. Do you know what happens when I work like this? Not good.

Forward head posture, hunched shoulders, awful, awful! Laptops are not good for you. I hate saying if that’s the case. What you need is a laptop that has your keyboard separate from your laptop, if it’s possible.

When you get it, you need to make sure that when you’re sitting up straight, your eyes are at the center of the monitor. Look at where your eyes are, draw a line straight out, and that should be the center of the monitor, that’s number one.

Number two, your elbow has to be supported if you’re using a mouse. Even if you’re not using it, if you’re using one of these, your elbow has to be supported. But you don’t want your elbow in front of you; this needs to be closer.

Right now, my chair is a little too low; we’re going to bring it up a little bit. We need to find a book or a pillow and put it under your elbow, so it is raised a little bit when your hand is on that mouse.

How many of you get tension in your neck when you’re working at a computer all day? Well, if your monitor is in the right place and you’re still getting that tension, it is because your arm is hanging by these muscles. This joint is not connected to your spine. It is just hanging from your spine by a group of muscles. If it’s always hanging like this, you can get carpal tunnel, you can get elbow itis and you get shoulder itis. Whatever condition that might be, inflammation of all of those and muscle tension up here can lead to tension headaches and everything else; you can have a bad night.

So what you gotta do is, find a way to raise your armrest, put your elbow on it, it should be a little high. I don’t know if it’s that right Katie? My shoulders higher on this side than on this side, I can totally relax; these muscles are now relaxed. My arms aren’t hanging and my hand is on the mouse.

Last time we talked about the 90 90 90 rule, watch that video. That was video number one for Jenni only and this video for Jenni is where to position your computer.

Monitor has to be up here, your eyes should be on the center of it, the keyboard should be closer to you not connected to the monitor and your elbow needs to be supported. If you’re doing a lot of typing, you should elevate both elbows.

Here’s the last thing I want to tell you. No matter how you sit, you’re not going to hold good posture longer than 20 minutes. Last time, I told you to remember number 90 this time I want you to remember the number 20.

Every 20 minutes you got to shift. Take a deep breath or whatever, that’s good, that’s all right. I’m not telling you to take a 20-minute break every 20 minutes. What you do is every 20 minutes – set a time to stand up, take a sip of water, walk around your desk, sit back down. Every 20 minutes, you can shift, do something. Every 20 minutes, shift 90 90 90 rule. Every 20 minutes shit.

Next video because Jenni requested that one as well, I’m going to teach you a couple of exercises you can do right there at your desk. It’ll take you just a few minutes and will strengthen your postural muscles. If that sounds good, tune in next time, take care, see you later, Jenni.

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