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Brandi Rashidian - CPO (Chief People Officer)

Brandi grew up in the Midwest with chiropractic care as a part of her normal wellness regime, so it is no surprise that she ended up marrying one of the 3 most skilled Chiropractic Physicians this area has ever seen. Brandi and Dr. Amir have been married for 14 years and have 3 active little boys. Brandi and Dr. Amir started Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center together 13 years ago and have really loved becoming an integral part of the Frederick Community. When Brandi isn’t taking care of the boys or the Clinic, she really enjoys sharing her gift of hospitality. She is known for hosting dinners and parties for the Clinic staff, family, and friends even sometimes at a moment’s notice. She has also been found using her skills and talents in the area of event planning assisting non-profits such as Habitat For Humanity of Frederick County and also Grace Community Church where they attend regularly as a family. She truly has a passion for Chiropractic and loves hearing patients share stories of their success. When asked to give one piece of advice for individuals new to chiropractic care she said this, “Don’t let chiropractic care be your last resort. I have seen so many people suffer for far too long that could have been helped far sooner than they were otherwise. I have heard so many people over the years say, I wish I would have come sooner. One problem is that most of us are willing to spend a lot of money on the next big “quick fix” but the reality is that sometimes it takes time to achieve our health goals. Stop listening to the naysayers and just be willing to do something you have never done and maybe you will get the results you have never gotten! You deserve to be happy, healthy, and pain free.”




Kristen Willard - Lead Clinical Trainer

Kristen joined the team in March of 2017. Kristen received her associate’s degree in Medical Assisting through FCC where she graduated with honors. She also is a Certified Chiropractic Assistant. Kristen enjoys seeing how chiropractic care has improved the lives of her patients. She looks forward to continuing to see her patients achieve their goals and improve their health. Kristen is originally from California and moved to Maryland 13 years ago. Her favorite thing about living in Maryland is the changing seasons; she is one of those unique individuals who especially enjoy Maryland winters! She enjoys getting back to visit family and spending time with her husband.


Prior to joining the team and receiving care, Kristen experienced severe pain and tingling all throughout her legs and feet, with occasional tingling throughout the entire body. The pain was so severe that it made the simplest things nearly impossible. On one occasion, she was trying to grocery shop and the pain became so overwhelming that she became nauseous and barely made it out of the store before she collapsed. She had to wear compression braces daily just to walk. After seeing medical doctor after medical doctor and being told they did not know what was wrong and "sometimes things just happen" and they do not know why she began to give up hope. After her first adjustment, the tingling was gone. The pain has subsided for the most part, but even her worst day is 85% better than it used to be. She no longer has to wear braces daily and has started getting back to the things she enjoys, such as exercising and shopping. She is truly grateful for the life-changing effects chiropractic has had in her life, and loves helping others reach their goals as well.



Sarah Elliott - Front Office Coordinator South












Jess Boileau - Lead Clinical South











Colleen Morgan - Front Desk Assistant South












Julie Trietley - Routing Specialist South












Terry Struss - Front Office Coordinator North











Erika Hommey - Lead Clinical North

Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center

Chiropractors located in Frederick County, Frederick, MD


In 2020, with tremendous pride and excitement, we announced that Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center was expanding to better serve the health needs of our growing community. In August of 2020, our new state-of-the-art office was officially opened to the Frederick community. This office is located at 2480C Osprey Way South in the beautiful Market Square shopping center, directly across from the One Life Fitness gym.

MACC was established in 2006 by Dr. Amir Rashidian. Now he, and his world-class team, are consistently bringing the same amazing care that has made MACC a leader in the healthcare profession and the choice of thousands in the greater Frederick community. To schedule an appointment or enjoy a tour of our new office, call our office number 301-698-0001.

Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center is a top-ranked provider of chiropractic care for patients of all ages, employing hands-on techniques and state-of-the-art technology to assess and treat a broad array of medical conditions. In fact, we received the great honor of winning Frederick News Post’s 2020 Award for Best Chiropractor! We are so humbled by this award and look forward to continuing to serve Frederick for many years to come! At Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Frederick, MD, we offer holistic, patient-centered chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and migraines, as well as pediatric chiropractic care and posture corrections for adults and children. With two convenient Frederick locations, we are well-equipped to help the residents of Frederick County achieve greater health than they ever imagined possible. Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center welcomes new patients, give us a call today!

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  • Habitat for Humanity Purse Auction

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