Chiropractic and Babies


A young mother asked me, “Why do you see so many babies in your practice? Aren’t you a chiropractor? Do these babies have back pain?” And the answer is no, of course not, and even if they did, they can’t tell me that they have back pain, they’re not speaking yet.

What they do have is a process or an experience they have just gone through which is called birth. Being born is traumatic. It’s traumatic because we know that a force of 70 pounds is put on that baby’s neck when the head is being pulled plus 20-pound feet of torque when the head is turned to the left as it is being pulled. Now think about it. If you’ve held a newborn in your hands, you know how fragile that neck is. What if we put a 70-pound force into that neck? Could that cause a spinal subluxation? Chiropractic subluxation is misalignment of the spine that can affect neurologic function.

Well, mothers bring their babies in because they want to make sure that their babies are healthy. They want them to start out right. And if there are problems in the nervous system, it can hinder development and we’ve realized that a lot of problems we face as adults, health problems, actually originated when we were children, when we were babies. These babies deserve to be healthy. They deserve to start out life properly. That’s why they come in.


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In 2020, with tremendous pride and excitement, we announced that Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center was expanding to better serve the health needs of our growing community. In August of 2020, our new state-of-the-art office was officially opened to the Frederick community. This office is located at 2480C Osprey Way South in the beautiful Market Square shopping center, directly across from the One Life Fitness gym.

MACC was established in 2006 by Dr. Amir Rashidian. Now he, and his world-class team, are consistently bringing the same amazing care that has made MACC a leader in the healthcare profession and the choice of thousands in the greater Frederick community. To schedule an appointment or enjoy a tour of our new office, call our office number 301-698-0001.

Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center is a top-ranked provider of chiropractic care for patients of all ages, employing hands-on techniques and state-of-the-art technology to assess and treat a broad array of medical conditions. In fact, we received the great honor of winning Frederick News Post’s 2020 Award for Best Chiropractor! We are so humbled by this award and look forward to continuing to serve Frederick for many years to come! At Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Frederick, MD, we offer holistic, patient-centered chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and migraines, as well as pediatric chiropractic care and posture corrections for adults and children. With two convenient Frederick locations, we are well-equipped to help the residents of Frederick County achieve greater health than they ever imagined possible. Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center welcomes new patients, give us a call today!

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