Why Regular Exercise Routine is Important For Better Results

Alright guys I’m back with Ms. Katie. This is our video number two together. She has a pretty interesting story to tell us today. So, Katie go ahead and tell us your story.

What Happens When You Don’t Exercise?

In my chiropractic care for eight months I had a great regime and schedule. I kept up with all my adjustments and exercises. I was really faithful to my exercises through last year. At the holiday, like a lot of people I got sick. For the whole month of January I didn’t exercise which was a big change for me. I’ve been faithful to the stretches, my dinner roll, my foundations training or my little has-fit guy every day.

It was within like three weeks that the pain in my left shoulder was back. I was coming for my adjustments but I wasn’t doing my exercises. First the pain and the issues showed up while I was sleeping. I would wake up and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, there it’s back again.”

Getting Back on the Wheels

About 10 days ago, I struggled to start my exercise just that one day. I was like just do it today. I felt like it took forever. It was 12 minutes of exercises and it felt like it was an hour and a half of doing exercises and stretches. At one evening, when I was making dinner in the kitchen, my shoulder responded quickly. It felt better.

It’s an encouragement for me to stay on that daily schedule. I’m not perfect. I don’t walk for 20 minutes every day but I do something. I fell off the wagon, now I’m back.

That’s good. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better and you’re doing your exercises again. Thank you for sharing your story Katie. See you next time.

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