What is Self-Confidence? Understanding our Dual Personality to Become a Confident Person.

Hey, everybody! I’m Dr. Amir Rashid, and this is Maddie. Maddie and I had a really great conversation a couple of days ago. We thought it’d be really good to record that conversation. So this is like a reenactment of that conversation. We’re doing this for your benefit because this is a topic that many people want to know about.

The way that conversation started was, “I said, Maddie, Do you know the best way to destroy your self-confidence?” She took some guesses, right? She answered, not believing in yourself and letting other people’s things come before your own stuff.

Yes, all of these are true. There are other ways you can destroy your self-confidence. First off, self-confidence is confidence in who? Yourself, right? You want to be confident in yourself. Who needs to be confident in yourself? It’s you.

Dual Nature of A Person

You see, there’s a duality there. There are two of you. There are two Maddie’s right there. One of them needs to have confidence in the other one. Isn’t that interesting!? Have you ever been mad at yourself? Who’s getting mad at who? Maddie is getting mad at Maddie! It’s so funny.

You don’t see that in animals. Have you ever seen an animal commit suicide? They won’t do it. Animals are only one. There’s only one of them in there. But you, me, and everybody out there, there’s two of us. One of me gets mad at the other one. That one needs to be confident in the other one. That’s true self-confidence.

So what did we say was the most detrimental thing you can do to destroy your self-confidence? Was it fighting yourself? It’s breaking a promise you make to yourself.

Keeping Promise to Become Self-Confident

Let’s say, tomorrow morning I’m going to get out of bed at 6:00 AM. And then 6: 00 comes around, and I hit snooze. I just broke a promise to myself. Who’s going to get mad at me? Me, right? My self-confidence just got destroyed. So, next time I make a promise to myself, what am I going to think? Am I going to keep my promise? Probably not, and so I had no self-confidence.

So never break the promise made to other people. Promises I made to other people, I’ll keep those. They’re important. But I know that the promise I made to me is the most important. If I don’t have confidence in myself, how can I expect you to be confident in me? If I want to be confident in myself, I need to earn your confidence. I’ve got to be self-confident. Don’t ever break a promise to yourself.

So anyway, thanks for listening. Have an awesome day, guys.

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