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What is Health

Hey Everybody! I wanted to talk to you today about what health is. A lot of us have a misconception about what health is. We think if we’re healthy, it’s because we’re free of any diseases, and we’re free of any symptoms, and I want to tell you it’s actually, it is much more than that.

Thinking that you’re healthy, even though just because you have no symptoms is missing the boat. I see a lot of times, people who have diseases such as cancer, and heart disease, and a stroke, they didn’t know they had those things, but it was growing in their body for such a long time. You know the World Health Organization says that the definition of health is an optimum function, not merely the absence of disease.

Don’t wait to think about your health until something goes wrong. Think about your health today and every single day, and always remember stress-proof your life.

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