A study by the department of Pediatrics at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Hiroo General Hospital was performed to examine the relationship between DPT and BCG vaccinations and development of diseases in 143 children.

This study dealt with the entire population of 0-3 year olds, all of the first graders of the elementary school and all of the first year junior high school children on the Island of Kodushima, Tokyo Japan.

RESULTS: Among the children aged 0-3 who received DPT vaccinations, 25.6% suffered from bronchial asthma. This ratio was significantly higher than the 2.3% of children who suffered from bronchial asthma that had not received a DPT vaccination. The children who were vaccinated experienced a ten-fold increase in asthma!

This was also the case concerning dermatitis. In addition, over 50% of the children who were vaccinated experienced asthma, rashes, or chronic runny nose, whereas less than 10% of the non-vaccinated groups experienced these complications.

FINDINGS: “From these results, we conclude that DPT vaccination has some effect in the promotion of atopic disorders.”

Become informed. A great source of information is the National Vaccine Information Center, For some vaccines, the risk is greater than the reward. We are not anti-vaccine, we support informed consent. We want the parent to gain enough information on what is best for their child so that they can make an informed decision.

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