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Hey Everybody! So having not only the right pillow but using it correctly is so truly important. So, this video is going to show you how to use a pillow if you have a nice, fluffy, feather pillow. And that’s actually one of the types of pillows that we recommend – a big, fluffy, feather pillow. If you’re allergic to pillows, then you get a down one that’s hypoallergenic, and it’ll still be good.

So, I’m gonna use Katie as our model to demonstrate how it works, and first, I want her to show you the wrong way of using the pillow. [Katie come forwards] I want you to pretend you are not you, and you don’t know what you know, and lie down on your back as if this is a pillow that you’re gonna use that night to go to sleep, mmm…. [Katie lies down]. And this is typically how people will lie down when their head is on the pillow. And the reason it’s wrong is because her neck is not supported, and her head is not cradled fully. So what will happen is the minute she falls asleep and relaxes, her head can roll, either did one side or the other. When it does, it compresses the nerves on that side, stretches the nerves on this side, and we are not going to be happy when we wake up with stiff necks or sore necks, tightness, and so on.

So, here’s a better way to do it. So let me help you up. Alright, so we want to fluff this up, and we want the side closer to her to be thicker than the other side, and that she lays down, she’s gonna grab the corners and lift up. So that this thickness goes under the neck and supports the neck. Her head falls over that thickness into this area, sinks in, and gets cradled; none of the pillows should be under her shoulders. G ahead and do that, grab the corners, lift up, drop your head back over and let your head just kind of really sink in like that.

Now, you’ll notice the pillow is completely supporting the neck, and the head is cradled. If she relaxes, her head’s not gonna fall to one side of the other, it’s gonna stay right in the middle, and the curve of the neck is supported. In fact, this is much more comfortable. You could actually relax and fall asleep faster when your neck is supported like that. If you like to lie on your side, it has to be done exactly the same way. It needs to be thicker under your neck; then, it is under the head.

So let’s do that. Let’s have you roll onto your side Katie. And lift up for a second, I’m gonna fluff this up, and again we’re gonna grab the pillow, pull it up under the neck, and she’s gonna drop her head over it. None of her body other than her neck is on that pillow. Her shoulder stays completely off the pillow. Now on a firm table like this, it’s not going to be as comfortable. But, at home, her shoulder will actually sink a little bit into the mattress, and she’ll have a lot of support under her neck, and her head will be supported as well. Let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy sleeping!

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