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How is COVID causing neck pain

So COVID-19 is causing neck pain! Did you guys know that? You thought it was just respiratory issues and flu symptoms, but it’s not. It’s actually causing neck pain. I bet you’re wondering why? Let me tell you why.

Before I do that, let’s do something. This is Katie. You all know Katie because she’s in all those videos with the exercise and I hope you’re doing your exercises. If you’re not, go do those and stop watching this.

So Katie, pretend you’re outside, like on a sidewalk. I want you to walk a few steps and turn around and walk back. Perfect, like you’re on a runway. You are a model, wonderful! Now listen, I want you to pretend you’re walking on the same sidewalk and it’s covered in a sheet of ice. Think you’re going to slip and you’re going to fall. How would you walk? What would you do?

You are really afraid of ice, I guess, yeah! Fear makes you tense up. You guys see how her shoulders were tense, and she’s nervous, she’s worried. Now, you walk like that for a mile, how tired are you going to be? Really tired. You walk like that for a mile and when you get home, imagine how tight and tense your shoulders are going to be, your neck muscles are going to be.

Listen, everybody’s afraid. You’ve been afraid and terrified of this COVID virus. A lot of people are hurting and suffering. We’re scared to go out. We’re wearing masks. We don’t want to talk to people. Someone comes close to us; what do we do? We tense up like oh, what if that person is sick?! What if they’re going to give it to me?

Then what do we do, we watch the news. What is the news all about? This person died and that person died. This person is sick and these are your chances. These are the risks and do this and do that. And then you try to go to sleep. Not only are you not sleeping well, but you’re tense and you’re tight all day, every day. You’re working, you’re tense. You’re walking, you’re tense. You’re talking to your friends, you’re tense. Well, who’s talking to friends these days, unless you’re on a zoom call, and then again you’re tense!

So, COVID is causing your neck pain. Stop watching some of that stuff, especially late at night. Relax your neck muscles.

You know what? We did some videos. One video is video 8 on our channel, which is the neck range of motion exercises, the other one is shoulder retraction exercises. Go watch those two videos and learn how to loosen up your neck muscles.

And we did a video recently, that was called COVID-19 is causing you BACK pain! Watch that one as well. You don’t want to have back pain and I know you don’t want to have neck pain.

So we’re going to do one last thing, real quick. We will remind them what that shoulder retraction exercise looks like. It’s about putting your palms up, as if you’re carrying two trays of tea or margaritas, probably tea. Then you can bring your hands back, pull the elbows down, and squeeze your shoulder blades together as hard as you can. Hold it there. You see, when you pull the shoulders down away from your ears, you relax these muscles. You teach them to stay that way. Sound good? Perfect.

Alright guys, see you for the next video. Go check out those other videos, I told you about.

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