The Stress Proof Life


By Dr. Amir Rashidian 


Reviews from the back cover of The StressProof Life

“For a life changing experience, I encourage you to read Dr. Amir’s book. His ability to  tell a compellingly true story, in a heartwarming style, coupled with a life-changing message, will absolutely blow you away.”
– Dr. Daniel T. Drubin, Author of bestseller Letting Go of your Bananas

“I have read so many books, especially in the realm of health and wellness, that I have become somewhat numb to the ‘next variation of a theme’. So imagine my surprise when I actually got goosebumps while reading Dr. Rashidian’s, “The StressProof Life”! This very special soul has given the world a very special book.”
– Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C., CEO – Action Potential Holdings, Inc.

“I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Rashidian’s unique and contrary perspective on stress. His book explains why so many people with dreams of becoming great, fail to reach their potential. It is a must read for anyone who is striving to live a better, healthier, and fulfilling life.”
Bo Eason, former professional football player in the NFL, critically acclaimed actor and playwright

“Dr. Amir Rashidian wrote a masterpiece guide that will help you transform your daily stresses into unlimited health, wealth and happiness. This piece is packed with stories and advice that will inspire you to master your health once and for all. Get, read, and apply the information in this book and feel
your health blossom.”
– Roberto Monaco, Founder, InfluenceOlogy

“Dr. Rashidian’s story is not only inspiring but useful. I am a prime example of how his approach to wellness can change a life markedly for the better. Listen to him, it works!”
– Ed Robinson, President – Capacity Business Solutions, Vistage Chair

Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center

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In 2020, with tremendous pride and excitement, we announced that Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center was expanding to better serve the health needs of our growing community. In August of 2020, our new state-of-the-art office was officially opened to the Frederick community. This office is located at 2480C Osprey Way South in the beautiful Market Square shopping center, directly across from the One Life Fitness gym.

MACC was established in 2006 by Dr. Amir Rashidian. Now he, and his world-class team, are consistently bringing the same amazing care that has made MACC a leader in the healthcare profession and the choice of thousands in the greater Frederick community. To schedule an appointment or enjoy a tour of our new office, call our office number 301-698-0001.

Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center is a top-ranked provider of chiropractic care for patients of all ages, employing hands-on techniques and state-of-the-art technology to assess and treat a broad array of medical conditions. In fact, we received the great honor of winning Frederick News Post’s 2020 Award for Best Chiropractor! We are so humbled by this award and look forward to continuing to serve Frederick for many years to come! At Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Frederick, MD, we offer holistic, patient-centered chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and migraines, as well as pediatric chiropractic care and posture corrections for adults and children. With two convenient Frederick locations, we are well-equipped to help the residents of Frederick County achieve greater health than they ever imagined possible. Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center welcomes new patients, give us a call today!

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