Why Chiropractic Works


Doctor Rashidian : Chiropractic is the youngest field in health care. It’s only been around for a hundred and some years. It’s already the second largest field in health care. You know what the first textbook is you ever get in medical school? It’s the same in Chiropractic School. It’s called Gray’s Anatomy. You thought it was just a TV show? It’s Gray’s Anatomy. It’s a textbook. It’s a big thick textbook. It’s the Bible of anatomy. And what do you think it says on the first page of the textbook? When you flip it open, the first page says that the nerve system, the nervous system of the body is the master system in charge of all the functions of the human body. What’s the most protected part of your body?

Participant : Brain.

Doctor Rashidian : What’s almost completely surrounded by bone? Which is it? Spinal cord or is it the brain? Which is more important?

Participant : Spinal cord.

Doctor Rashidian : So you’re telling that if I take my brain out and throw it away, I’m still going to be alive?

Participant : No.

Doctor Rashidian : No, so which is more important?

Participant : Brain.

Doctor Rashidian : Brain. Which is more protected?

Participant : Brain.

Doctor Rashidian : Brain. Your skull, right? Your skull is completely surrounding your brain. Your brain must be very, very, very, very important. In fact, it’s the most delicate part of your body. It’s the most protected part of your body. It’s the most intricate and important part of your body. In fact, my brain right now is telling me what to say next. It’s using my leg muscles to hold me up so I don’t fall over. If I ate something it would tell my stomach to digest that food. I don’t have to think about it. It’s making sure my heart keeps beating, my lungs keep breathing and it doesn’t even stop when I sleep. Brain’s incredible.

If your brain is the supercomputer, the spinal cord is the information highway. And information goes from the brain, down the spine, out to the different body parts to control those body parts. And then information comes in from the outside world to the brain and the brain can process it. That’s why your brain right now knows where your knees are. And you don’t have to look down at your knees to tell me if your knees are bent or straight. How do you know? Because I put it there. No, it’s because there’s a signal that goes from your knee to your brain on a regular basis. There’s input going. If that input ever stops, your leg will become hyper-sensitive. Your brain will panic, it will search for that leg until it finds it. And the only way it’s going to find it is if it moves the leg. Right? That’s what an adjustment is. What we’re doing is we’re moving a specific joint to stimulate a nerve signal along a nerve path, that improves function.

So when you look at the spine from the front it’s fairly straight. Charlie might need an adjustment but, for the most part, it’s fairly straight. When you look at the spine from the side it’s got curves to it. Why does the spine have curves? The curves are shock absorbers. Watch this. When Charlie jumps off a step and he lands, it’s that curve that’s absorbing the shock. It’s like the springs in a car, right? They compress. That’s what absorbs the shock. If he didn’t have this curve, and his spine was really straight at the bottom. Incidentally, this happens when we sit too long, and we don’t stretch, and we don’t move, and we work at a computer all the time. We lose the curve in our spine. Now, when Charlie jumps and lands now, the force isn’t absorbed. You see when there is a curve the force is absorbed by the curve. When there is no curve, the force goes into the discs. And those discs will start to wear out. And one of these days Charlie is going to be bent over the sink brushing his teeth, and he can’t straighten up because he just blew a disc. So if we don’t have that curve in our spine, how do we know we don’t? It’s not pain. How do we know that we don’t?

Participant : When we stand up straight?.

Participant : When we can’t function.

Doctor Rashidian : When we can’t function, yeah. But at that point its too late, right? So what’s the best thing to do? Should we have our spine checked?

Participant : Yeah.

Doctor Rashidian : When’s the best time to have our spine checked?

Participant: Before it’s too late.

Doctor Rashidian: That’s right. That’s right. And when is it too late to have your spine checked? Never.

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In 2020, with tremendous pride and excitement, we announced that Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center was expanding to better serve the health needs of our growing community. In August of 2020, our new state-of-the-art office was officially opened to the Frederick community. This office is located at 2480C Osprey Way South in the beautiful Market Square shopping center, directly across from the One Life Fitness gym.

MACC was established in 2006 by Dr. Amir Rashidian. Now he, and his world-class team, are consistently bringing the same amazing care that has made MACC a leader in the healthcare profession and the choice of thousands in the greater Frederick community. To schedule an appointment or enjoy a tour of our new office, call our office number 301-698-0001.

Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center is a top-ranked provider of chiropractic care for patients of all ages, employing hands-on techniques and state-of-the-art technology to assess and treat a broad array of medical conditions. In fact, we received the great honor of winning Frederick News Post’s 2020 Award for Best Chiropractor! We are so humbled by this award and look forward to continuing to serve Frederick for many years to come! At Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center in Frederick, MD, we offer holistic, patient-centered chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and migraines, as well as pediatric chiropractic care and posture corrections for adults and children. With two convenient Frederick locations, we are well-equipped to help the residents of Frederick County achieve greater health than they ever imagined possible. Mid Atlantic Chiropractic Center welcomes new patients, give us a call today!

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