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Chiropractic Care: Are There Any Risks Involved?


A chiropractic procedure might appear intimidating at first sight. With the chiropractor applying controlled force on various areas of your body followed by the audible cracks from your joints, reddening and soreness can scare away a lot of first-timers. However, the reality is quite the contrary.

The odds of patients facing any adverse issue as a side effect to the chiropractic treatment are one in a million. While minor after-effects of the treatment are normal, people are more prone to risk when seeking allopathic treatment. You are indeed completely safe in the hands of a certified expert chiropractor.

Mild Symptoms As Side Effects

After a session of chiropractic posture correction or spine adjustment, people are bound to feel some changes in their bodies, and not all of them necessarily are pleasant.

Discomfort on the particular part of the body is a common symptom showing that the treatment is working. The targeted area often heats up and hurts slightly as an adjustment has been made. Fatigue and headaches along with blurry vision is a sign that your body needs rest after the treatment. While the treatment appears to be harmless to the patient, your body needs time to get used to the adjustments taking place.

While these symptoms can be alarming, you shouldn’t fret. Take ample rest and consult your doctor for the same. Perhaps, with mild pain relievers, you can breeze through the initial side effects in no time.

Severe Problems Due To The Treatment

But sometimes, patients experience much more than these mild side effects. Often these severe issues occur due to an underlying medical condition that patients overlook.

During a visit to the chiropractor for herniated disc, people can suffer from increased issues due to the severity of the condition. The treatment might also lead to stroke or cauda equina syndrome, pinching of the nerves leading to paralysis.

A study in 2017 accounted for one out of every two million patients suffering from a severe side effect owing to spinal manipulations. It was thus deemed safe and still is. So why do some suffer greatly?

Why Should One Avoid Chiropractic Therapy?

Certain medical conditions often make it difficult or impossible for people to access chiropractic therapy. Any experienced chiropractor would advise you against seeking the treatment if you suffer from:

1. Osteoporosis, a disease leading to bone fragility
2. Spinal bone infection
3. Bone tumors
4. Rheumatoid arthritis, the constant presence of inflammation in joints
5. Psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory arthritis
6. Reactive arthritis, bone and muscle pain caused by infection
7. Paget’s disease, which causes bone deformities

A certified chiropractor would always check complete medical history before beginning treatment. Ensure that you are completely transparent with them at the time of consultation.

First Timers, Be Wary

Certified chiropractors wouldn’t try to jump to the treatment—only a quack would. They are trained to assess the situation beforehand to devise a strategy that works in the best interest of the patient. They can help you understand the side–effects, treatment options, and procedures.

Chiropractic therapy is an inclusive form of treatment, but it still doesn’t fall under everyone’s bracket. Learn all you can about the same, consult a professional, and judge if it’s right for you with their expert medical advice.

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